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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

When I first started practicing yoga it was just like any other fitness type class to me. I would drive to a studio, practice for about an hour and pack up and leave it all behind. After some time, I began to question why I felt so good when I practiced and how could I extend that into all the other days of my life. I began signing up for workshops and digging deeper into yoga as daily practice for the mind, body and soul. Intuitive Living is my take on what it means to live yoga philosophy everyday on and off the mat. “Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within” said well known yoga teacher BKS Iyengar. It helps us to see our natural selves, our inner beauty, strength, and wisdom. And we can use what we learn about ourselves on the mat to inspire how we live every moment. There are three key things that you will find on my website to help get you started: yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle.

I teach two styles of yoga. Vinyasa (aka Flow) is a dynamic style of yoga that connects breath and movement with creative sequencing, builds muscle strength, flexibility, and confidence. Yin is a slow-paced style of yoga that targets the deep tissues of the body, increases flexibility, circulation and reduces stress. Each of these styles can be practiced exclusively but their differences also complement each other nicely bringing balance to your overall practice. For students who are newer to the practice or are looking for a refresher in the foundational poses of the practice, I offer a Beginner’s yoga class. This class in is the style of Vinyasa but at a slower pace so you can learn the poses, proper alignment, breath work, and use of props. This was the very first class that I took when I started my practicing yoga and it’s still one of my favorites to teach and to take. No matter how long you’ve been practicing there is always something new and fun to learn.

I offer nutrition coaching. Holistic Nutrition focuses on a natural approach to developing a healthy balanced diet and considers the individual as a whole, including all aspects of their lifestyle. It starts with a health and nutrition assessment and based on your feedback I design a nutrition plan just for you. We’ll work together to set health goals that will help get you on the path to living your heathy lifestyle. There’s always going to be a fad diet or pill out there promising a quick fix. Getting back to basics and just eating real food is less risky, healthier for your body and more sustainable over time.

And last but not least, I’ll be sharing tips on the daily practice of yoga through my blog, Intuitive Living. A natural, holistic, and deeply intuitive way of living based on yoga philosophy.

Wellness starts from within. Join me for the first class, Beginner’s Yoga on Thursday Sept. 10th at 7pm. Group classes are free with the option to pay what you can for those who are able to make a donation and support other yogis during this difficult time.

To sign up for a class or to subscribe to this blog visit

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